Hearthstone Beta Download

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Hearthstone Beta Download

The game is already available PC of course, but iOS and Android versions are still forthcoming.

The game was a surprise announcement at pax East in Marchand it hit closed beta in August.

"I want you all to know that once we go into Open Beta with, we plan to make very few card changes, unless they are absolutely necessary.

Dec 14, HearthStone Beta Key Generator will generate unused beta keys. HearthStone Beta Client Download December 13, HearthStone

Now everyone can play Blizzard's addictive digital collectible card game.

If so, please take a moment to.

Jan 21, The Hearthstone open beta is live. If you d like to take Blizzard s new card game out for a spin, now s your chancedownload the free open

You know what that means veterans: it's time to take what you've learned and finally build your ultimate deck.

You are here Script Hearthstone Script Hearthstone Author Replies Sunday 9 Februaryat 1:22 - Rank: Member Enjoy.

We want players to find their own creative solutions to different decks, not to wait for us to nerf the flavor the month, wrote Hearthstone lead designer Eric Dodds.

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Blizzard Entertainment has released on the company's card balance philosophy, so you can be aware of what cards may change in the future.

Now that the game is in open beta, Blizzard has said that they won't be performing any more card wipes.

I try to provide some images soon!

Hearthstone's ramp up to launch has been pretty quick.

If players find a really great deck, we'll try and slip some fun counters to that deck into the next expansion for you, instead of nerfing those cards directly.

If you're interested just head to and download the client!

Hearthstone Beta Download

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